Michael Smith

I’m a results-driven, full-stack web developer from Davenport, IA with over 15 year's experience. I understand corporate business needs and develop custom solutions to increase profitability. My passion for web development is second to none and I love learning new technologies.

My skillset is diverse and includes PHP / MySQL development, MVC / DDD architecture principles, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript / jQuery. I have extensive knowledge of multiple frameworks like Laravel, VueJS and Bootstrap and also possess expert knowledge in WordPress.

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What I Do


Well-versed in creating and implementing online shops using WooCommerce.

Web Design

Have worked with clients located all over the United States specializing in full-stack design and development.


Specialize in full-stack development utilizing PHP, WordPress and Laravel to create feature-rich web applications for over 15 years.


Possess 15 years worth of plugin and theme development including many projects built from scratch as well as utilizing some well-known frameworks.